It has always been our job, since the beginning, to guarantee the supply of highest quality metallurgical coal in Central and South America. We are currently one of the most representative companies of the country, we are at the forefront of production, and highly responsible with the environment, the community, our surroundings and collaborators.


We are a mining company, whose main purpose is to exploit the highest quality low volatility (18% to 24%) metallurgical coal that is found in the country. We initiated production in May of 2007 and we currently have enough reserves that are legally and environmentally ratified, which allows us to achieve important production goals. In addition, it allows us to widely and sufficiently support the commercial and production strategy of our strategic allies.

Work in this mine is carried out on a surface level and prior to the exploitation phase, the mining exploration and development stages were met, through the construction of a 1,100 meter long tunnel in order to access the reservoir and later on simplify the extraction processes of the material.

Misión Carboinsa


We work with the purpose of safely complying with the legal and environmental regulations, by promoting full human talent development and reaching optimum levels of productivity that allow the financial development in the influence area, and generate shareholder profitability.

Visión Carboinsa


To become the leading company, in the region, in the production of metallurgical coal of the highest quality and becoming the essential and most reliable supplier for coking and marketing companies that operate in the mining area of Boyacá. We will achieve this with teamwork, commitment and a sense of belonging from our collaborators, by supporting our work with the efficient planning, organization, management and control of the available resources.

Corporate Principles

It is the essential principle from our collaborators, which allows us to work under strict security standards that guarantee physical and mental integrity.

Respect for human quality:
We have, as a base, the trust and respect of the principles and values of all our collaborators and we are committed to improving their quality of life.

We are committed to being aware of our responsibilities with our company, our surroundings and with ourselves.

We ensure a constant assessment of our attitude to proceed and act with fairness and respect.

To always be worthy of trust with regards to our company, collaborators, clients and suppliers.

We act with honor and fairness when complying with our professional and personal duties.

It is understood as the proper actions of all members of the organization, respect for the law, the legal regulations and all that provided in the mining code, as well as complying with the personal and social behavior regulations.


Our development seeks to guarantee the precise preservation of the environment by strictly complying with the regulations issued by the country’s environment authorities, in matters of mining exploitation and by performing physical works, such as water treatment pools, strict reforestation programs, placing filters in water springs, among others.