Technology, safety, innovation and respect for the environment are key elements of our DNA. Being the leading underground mine in Colombia, in mining exploitation processes is a great responsibility, but so is the satisfaction for a job well-done. We produce one of the best metallurgical coals of Colombia, the essential raw material to produce one of the best metallurgical cokes of the world.


We are an industrial and commercial company, established in 1998 with the purpose of performing the extraction of minerals, in all their phases; especially to take advantage of metallurgical coals.

In order to carry out its purpose, the company holds a concession contract for medium scaled mining, and has ongoing new concession proposals with the State in other mining areas, which will allow it to widen its capacity. We strictly comply with the regulations that govern the sector on a national level, whose all permits and licenses are in force.



Our mission is to perform the extraction of the metallurgical coal through the implementation of technical, secure and rational procedures of the available natural resource. We are committed with social development and preserving the environment. For this, the company is making progress in an ambitious and important technical development program of its productive and administrative processes, which guarantee it to be the most productive and competitive organization in the underground mining sector on a national level, in a way that it contributes to the financial growth and development of the region.



To be the best company producing metallurgical coal with social awareness, with a sustainable and environmentally friendly mining business projection, which contributes to the quality of life of the region and that is framed as a magnet for national development, simplifying and generating growth within the commercial policies and those within the social structure.

Environmental and Social Management

Our activity is developed guaranteeing the proper preservation of the environment through the strict compliance of the different regulations issued by the country’s environmental authority, in matters of mining exploitation and through the execution of physical works, such as, water treatment pools, strict reforestation programs and placing filters in water springs.